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Ski Holiday in Turkey

posted Dec 29, 2012, 2:01 PM by Patli Can   [ updated Jan 5, 2013, 1:25 PM ]
Every year we plan to have our winter holiday in Turkey's Ski Resorts but couldn't manage to do it since 2008. There are several ski resorts in Turkey, we've been in three of them so far, which are Uludag, Palandoken and Kartepe. We still do not have any plans but already start to look for ski clothing for men and women  

Uludag is one of the famous places. It is at the city of Bursa which is 3 hours away from Istanbul by car and around 4 hours by bus. as it is close to the Istanbul, lots of people go there daily from Istanbul, there are also tours performing these daily tours. Ski tracks are long and good, while booking the hotels it is essential to ask if the lifts are included into the price or not. Because there are several lifts and some of them are belong to hotels, if your hotel doesn't include the lift you may be paying more than planned. Also I strongly suggest you to try different lifts at least once, so you can really experience the real Uludag.

Palandoken is in the city Erzurum which based at the far east of Turkey. There are daily flights

 from Istanbul to Erzurum. The tracks are as good as Uludag  I recommend you to try the North face of the mountain (I may recall "North" wrong what i mean is try to ski at the other side of the mountain) where there is less people, bu the track is for professional skiers.

Kartepe is in the city of Izmit which is 80 km away from Istanbul, but reaching to Kartape takes another 45 minutes. Similar to Uludag  Kartepe also has daily visitors from Istanbul. Tracks are OK but shorter than Palandoken and Uludag  If you are a pro and looking for fast tracks, Kartepe may not satisfy you, but definitely perfect for amateurs.

Palandoken and Uludag have quite a lot hotels with different package offers and prices. It worths to call each hotel or send an email to get the latest prices, it will only take half an hour.

In Kartepe there is only one (maybe two) hotel. But if you have a car you may try B&Bs around the mountain which means 20 minutes drive up to mountain everyday. 

Also Sarikamis in the city of Kars, again far east of Turkey is mentioned as one of the places having the best quality of snow all over the world. Never been there but definitely will be the place that i will be visiting, hopefully soon. 

Whichever you go, try to avoid periods of Turkey's school holidays and national/religious holidays.
School holiday is around end of January for about 2 weeks. National and Religious holidays for 2013 is in August and October and luckily won't effect the winter period. 

Ski season starts in November/December and ends in February/March in Turkey. 

And I'm definitely buying one of these Beardski Pirate Ski Mask :)